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Armcon Limited - Total Solutions for Pre-Cast
Armcon Limited, Armcon Business Park
London Road South, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1LQ
TEL: +44 (0)1625 856 698
FAX: +44 (0)1625 856 688
EMAIL: sales@armcon.com


At Armcon we use the best materials for the job. Our moulds are designed to produce the best quality products on the market.
A heat cured material offering fully flexible, tear resistant moulds which give the highest reproduction of texture and surface finish. Our polyurethane is virtually indestructible and wear resistant enabling parallel sides and undercuts to be easily achieved.
A semi-flexible thermoplastic giving good pattern definition. Polypropylene is impact and abrasion resistant which can be bent in excess of 10 million times before failing, making it particularly suitable for precasting concrete.
Our polypropylene moulds are the best available on the market and will provide years of trouble free use and perfect cast products every time.
Widely used within the precast industry, ABS is a stable
thermoplastic which offers a good reproduction of texture and surface finish. Our ABS moulds are manufactured using only virgin material to ensure good service and ease of use. ABS offers a cost effective method and will produce good cast products.