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Armcon Limited - Total Solutions for Pre-Cast
Armcon Limited, Armcon Business Park
London Road South, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1LQ
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Concrete Admixtures
AP3000 - High performance plasticiser and water reducer
A liquid admixture based on synthetic polymers which give high quality performance at low dosage levels.
- Improved strength gains up to 25% in first 24 hours
- Improved durability
- Increased density
- Lessens permeability
- Improved colour dispersion giving brighter colours
- Low dosage from 150ml per 100kg cement
- Better surface finish (fewer blowholes)
- Chloride free for use with re-inforced products
- Reduced segregation and bleed water effect

Armcon AP3000 out-performs other products requiring up to 60% less dosage per 100kg or cement
Order Code Description
26 PLA 10 AP3000 plasticiser/water reducer - 25 litres
26 PLA 20 AP3000 plasticiser/water reducer - 210 litres
Armplus Super XWR
High performance super plasticiser.
- 15% - 40% water reduction
- Increased workability time
- Higher early and later age strengths
Order Code Description
26 SUP 10 AP3000 super plasticiser - 25 litres
26 SUP 20 AP3000 super plasticiser - 210 litres
Armset - Makes concrete set quicker

A highly effective non-hazardous, chloride-free liquid admixture for rapid initial and final set of concretes or mortars. - Aids cold weather working
- Decreases production times
- Use with AP3000 for best results

Order Code Description
26 ACC 10 Armset XLR8 accelerator - 25 litre
26 ACC 20 Armset XLR8 accelerator - 210 litre
Armproof Water-proofer - chloride free

A high concentrate liquid permeability reducing admixture, which improves durability, reduces frost attack, reduces efflorescence effects, and improves colour retention in pigmented mixes.

Order Code Description
26 PRO 10 Armproof water proofer - 25 litres
26 PRO 20 Armproof water proofer - 210 litres
Armfoam - Foaming Agent

A liquid air entraining agent for concrete, producing a very stable, pumpable foam. Low dosage optimises cost. Uses include foam fill for cavities, foam grouts, insulation screeds and lightweight trench fill.

Order Code Description
26 FOA 10 Armfoam foaming agent - 25 litres
26 FAO 20 Armfoam foaming agent - 210 litres
Armair - Ready to use Concrete Air Entraining Agent
A liquid air entraining agent for concrete. Providing the following benefits:
- Increased durability
- Reduced freeze thaw attack
- Improved workability
- Consistent high performance
- Approx 5% reduction in concrete weight
Order Code Description
26 AIR 10 Armair Air Entraining Agent 25 litres
26 AIR 20 Armair Air Entraining Agent 210 litres
26 AIR 30 Armair Air Entraining Agent 1000 litres IBC

Concrete Enhancers
Armseal Surface treatments - cure and seal coating

Easy to apply. Preserves appearance. Prevents damage. A surface treatment for new and existing concrete. Seals, hardens and protects from staining, frost damage, efflorescence etc. Lessens damage from graffiti.

• Retains over 85% moisture in concrete
  during first 72 hours – curing membrane
• Cures, seals and improves concrete, cast
  stone art-stone, mortar or renders
• An “in-surface” sealer giving excellent levels
  of penetration ensuring low permeability on new or existing concretes
• Does not discolour or stain and is UV stable
• An ideal mortar seal or primer system for
   subsequent coatings, masonry paints,
   renders etc
• Non-hazardous COSHH specifi cation
• Water based product with low environmental
• Safe to use inconfined areas
• Minimises risk of cracking in freshly placed concrete subject to drying conditions
• Penetrates, seals and protects new concrete
  surfaces to improve abrasion resistance
  and durability

Order Code Description
24 SEA 15 Armseal - 5 litre
24 SEA 10 Armseal - 25 litre
24 SEA 20 Armseal - 210 litre

Available packed in 5 ltr containers labelled with your company logo, for resale