Armcon Screed Fibre Reinforcement

Fibrillated fibres for controlling concrete cracking caused by plastic and dry shrinkage

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Fibrillated fibres, designed to break loose with friction from the aggregates.
Optimal strength.
High Modulus.
Fibre coating ensure optimal distribution in the concrete mix.
Good resistance to all acids and alkalis.
Conformity to BS EN 14889-2:2006.

Controlling concrete cracking caused by plastic and dry shrinkage.
Increasing the ductility of concrete.
Improving the impact resistance of concrete.
Reduces transport damage of prefab concrete.
Allows quicker striking of formwork: faster execution due to a better cohesion.
Increases the liquid density and gives better freeze/thaw resistance. The penetration of salts is hampered.
Improves the flame retardant properties of high strength concrete: no spalling of the concrete.
Reduces early segregation and bleed water.