Armplas 3000 – High Performance Water Reducing Plasticiser/Retarder

Low Dose/High Performance Water Reducing Plasticiser/Retarder


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A liquid admixture based on synthetic polymers which give high quality performance at low dosage levels.

  • Improved strength gains up to 25% in first 24 hours
  • Improved durability
  • Increased density
  • Lessens permeability
  • Improved colour dispersion giving brighter colours
  • Low dosage from 150ml per 100kg cement
  • Better surface finish (fewer blowholes)
  • Chloride free for use with reinforced products
  • Reduced segregation and bleed water effect
  • Maximum recommended dose for use as water reducer is 250ml/100kg cement
  • Increasing the dose above 250ml/100kg will progressively retard the concrete and lengthen the setting time as the dose is increased.
  • Out-performs other products requiring up to 60% less dosage per 100kg of cement

25 Litres, 210 Litres, 1050 litres