A high impact, polymer body containing powerful magnets and a release screw. Suitable for both precast and site concrete production.


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Suitable for both precast and site concrete production.

In place, the unit gives up to 400 kg (900 lb) force, and provides a stable vertical surface with two 8mm (1/32 inch) fixing holes for attaching timber or metal shutters.

Any steel bed or plate can be speedily adapted for variable casting dimensions, without any drilling or welding damage.

Cost effective due to assured reuse.

A full range of other shapes can be manufactured to order.

Application Notes:

Supporting planks for producing flooring slabs narrower than the bed width.

MagnaBlocs can be used to eliminate the need for wooden wedges.

Suggested spacing – 1 metre apart.

Ideal for producing box-outs, stop ends and any partial filing.

Weight 10 kg

1 x Magnabloc


• 400Kg (900 lb) force per MagnaBloc
• Can be used with timber and steel form work/shuttering
• No welding required
• Easy and quick to move