• Intermediate Slotted Fence Post Mould

Intermediate Slotted Fence Post Mould

Invest in the best combination of Durability, Quality and Cost-effectiveness and experience the difference with Armcon Precast for your moulding solutions

The Armcon Precast Concrete Intermediate Slotted Fence Post Mould produces a perfectly finished Intermediate Fence Post.

A specially formulated High-Density Polypropylene Polymer Material used to create our liners has superior benefits over other materials.

Our moulding system is lighter, more durable and easier to demould.

Designed to outperform any other product that is currently available on the market.

This system is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Adding the Intermediate Slotted Fence Post Mould to your product range could not be easier.

Your company name/logo can be incorporated into the liner for market exposure – please contact us to discuss.

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Our sister company, Armcon, are the world’s leading volumetric concrete mixer specialists.

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Install long stretches of fencing easily.
Easy to pour and strip, leak free mould.
No bolts or tools required.
Our mould liners have a lifespan in excess of 5 years due to our specially formulated Armcon Blue High-Density Polypropylene Polymer Material which has the following benefits:

  • Superior Impact and Abrasive Resistance.
  • High Tensile Strength which guarantees a long-lasting product that is difficult to break.
  • Our material can even withstand twisting motions of up to 360 degrees without snapping.
  • Low Density Material – lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Water, Chemical, and Detergent Resistant.
  • Resilient against Mildew, Mould, Rot and Bacteria.
  • High Resistance to Ambient Temperature.
  • Resists to Freezing.
  • Superior Finish – high pattern definition & realistic reproduction, blemish free moulding surfaces.
  • Living Hinge Crease – Allows for quick, easy demould.
  • Perfect for Volume Production runs.
  • It is also an Environmentally Friendly material. Polypropylene is Reusable, in fact, it can be Recycled up to 6 times.

9' x 4" x 4" – 55mm slot width, 9' x 4" x 5" – 50mm slot width, 9' x 5" x 5" – 50mm slot width