Armcon Concrete Doser

Armcon Concrete Doser – Designed to dispense concrete directly into moulds, accurately and consistently for rapid consistent production.

In addition to our Armcon Concrete Doser we stock a wide range of other concrete consumables.  Our full product range includes an extensive choice of other moulds. From our market leading fencing systems, to a full range of paving and decorative items. We are the only company in the industry who offer a total solution for the Precast market, fulfilling all of your precasting needs. We hold substantial stocks with most products available for same day dispatch. Our 100,000 ft warehouse in Poynton, Cheshire, UK houses over half a million pounds (sterling) in stock and materials, ensuring the minimum lead time for your delivery.

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Our sister company, Armcon, are the world’s leading volumetric concrete mixer specialists.



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This is a single screw Doser system with a hopper capacity of 0.5m3.

The machine has a small footprint, with a modular design making it easy to transport and very simple to assemble on site.

The machine has a hopper for fresh concrete with a dispensing auger in the bottom which operates on a timer to give a measured quantity of concrete each time it is activated.

The hopper has a vibrator fitted to assist the flow of concrete during operation.

The dispensing auger is driven by a precision roller chain with a simple adjustment mechanism.

Dispensing can be controlled by hand switch or foot-pedal either manually or automatically with vibration on demand.

The control panel houses the control switches and the isolator and an emergency stop button.

The machine is designed to dispense typical precast concrete.

It is important to ensure the mix is cohesive and has a suitable slump. The use of a superplasticiser will dramatically improve the mix properties and reduce wear on the delivery auger and will help early strength development.

Weight 150 kg
No Waste

With exact quantities dispensed every time, there is no waste concrete, saving time and money. By ensuring the exact quantity of concrete is dispatched every time your products will be accurate. That means that your customers receive standard sized products, (meaning same thickness) and you are not wasting concrete, or worst under filling meaning more waste.

Guaranteed Accuracy

The Armcon doser has been designed specifically to dose the exact same quantity every time – all your products will contain precisely the same amount of mix.

Easy Operation

The doser is operated by means of a foot pedal, making it a “hands free” process.  The operator is in full control without the need for a control panel or cabling.  There is also the option of automatic operation.

Consistency of Mix

Concrete flow is assisted by a vibrator fitted to the side of the hopper unit meaning there is a consistent mixture flow from the machine.


The drive motor and gearbox are fully enclosed, i.e. no moving parts exposed.


The Doser fits on one pallet for easy worldwide shipping, where ever you are.


• Accurate Product Dose – On a Manual or Automatic Dose
• Vibrators for Flow of Mix
• Easy Controls
• Speeds up Production Times
• Reduced Costs/Increased Profits
• Cheap Shipping Cost