Armplas 3000 Water Reducing Plasticiser

Armplas 3000 Water Reducing Plasticiser – A high performance, water reducing plasticiser/retarder.

In addition to our Armplas 3000 Water Reducing Plasticiser, we have a wide range of other concrete consumables. Our full product range includes an extensive choice of other moulds. From our market leading fencing systems, to a full range of paving and decorative items. We are the only company in the industry who offer a total solution for the Precast market, fulfilling all of your precasting needs. We hold substantial stocks with most products available for same day dispatch. Our 100,000 ft warehouse in Poynton, Cheshire, UK houses over half a million pounds (sterling) in stock and materials, ensuring the minimum lead time for your delivery.

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Our sister company, Armcon, are the world’s leading volumetric concrete mixer specialists.


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A liquid admixture based on synthetic polymers which give high quality performance at low dosage levels.

  • Improved strength gains up to 25% in first 24 hours
  • Improved durability
  • Increased density
  • Lessens permeability
  • Improved colour dispersion giving brighter colours
  • Low dosage from 150ml per 100kg cement
  • Better surface finish (fewer blowholes)
  • Chloride free for use with reinforced products
  • Reduced segregation and bleed water effect
  • Maximum recommended dose for use as water reducer is 250ml/100kg cement
  • Increasing the dose above 250ml/100kg will progressively retard the concrete and lengthen the setting time as the dose is increased.
  • Out-performs other products requiring up to 60% less dosage per 100kg of cement

25 Litres, 210 Litres, 1050 litres