• Quadrant Cobble

Quadrant Cobble

This is a Quadrant Cobble pattern paving mould, designed to ensure a consistent pattern effect paver is produced.


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Polypropylene has been chosen because of its resistant properties as well as its highly realistic texture.

This material will flex over 1 million times before failing.

It also has high level of detail.

This mould is semi flexible meaning an easier demould, because of this it can have a smaller taper, ensuring your finished pavers have small grout lines.

A frame is recommended when using this mould.


Quadrant Cobble 450 X 450 x 38, Quadrant Cobble 600 x 600 x 38, Quadrant Cobble 600 x 600 x 50, Quadrant Large Cobble Pattern 450 x 450 x 38