Balustrade Square Corner Mould

Smooth finish mould with quick demould due to the advanced sock demould technology.

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The mould has been precision engineered from flexible polyurethane leaving a beautiful stain free smooth surface finish whilst allowing for an easy smooth demould.

This incredible mould demoulds in one piece! It has no pinning involved, no nuts and bolts, it demoulds like a sock.

The mould produces 1 piece square corner pillar that combines with the 18″ high balustrade to create a beautiful balustrade fencing.

No witness lines are produced from this amazing one piece mould.

The structural timber frame has also been engineered to fit the flexible polyurethane mould exactly. This ensures stability of the mould and ensures dimensional accuracy.

Weight 40 kg

1 x Polyurethane Liner
1 x Structural Timber Frame


• Smooth Definition
• Crisp Seamless Corners
• Virtually Indestructible Polyurethane Material
• Incredible One Piece Easy Demould
• No Witness Lines – Leak Free
• Demould Instructions Provided
• No Pinning or Hinging
• No Nuts or Bolts