Polyform Moulding Services

Ideal for products, patterns or moulds Armcon have developed this specialist skill and technology to exploit the potential of polyurethane and other polymers in moulded applications.

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Polyurethane is a synthetic rubber that offers considerable advantage over its natural counterpart.

This highly versatile material offers unique strength and durability with resistance to oils and abrasion.

It is substantially more durable than rubber, and its hardness can be controlled to suit the application by adjustment of the formulation.

Armcon offer a service suited to all areas of industry and experienced mould makers we will ensure that products will satisfy your requirements.

Heat cured, maximising material properties.

Minimum wall thickness.

Fully flexible.

Tear resistant.

High definition/reproduction of texture.

Cast in demould assistance if required.

Wear resistant.


Produce premium products for less.

Parallel sided and/or undercut concrete can be made easily.